Dior makeup

Dior clothing and other brand is different, it without any CD or Dior marked on the clothes body, ( even with Dior classic logo is also very light color, such as part of clothing collar light grey bottom deep gray Dior symbol and part of portable belt bag will have no obvious but very extraordinary the words Dior. Dior does not use markers placed on the outside. " ) And the clothes on Christian Dior Paris is the best identification method.

In addition, Dior handbags series ( of course, Dior itself is a high-end brand, here refers to the high-end high-end ) clothes bar code can be very thin red line, is said to be the original Dior. CD: this acronym often appears in the Dior accessories, such as glasses frame side, buckle, belt, wallet. Dior: hung on the lifting ring, with Dior four alphabetic string into a key ring, is" Lady Dior" bag of the most obvious sign, later also became almost a Dior another obvious mark. Diamond lattice: Dior special diamond lattice, less on clothing, in Dior wallet can clearly see.


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